5 State-of-the-Art Wedding Catering Trends to Anticipate in 2017

From arranging a lively gig for a family reunion or inviting your friends from the bar to a Sunday afternoon brunch to arranging a corporate affair or tackling your bucket list for your wedding day, the main men of the day are probably your wedding coordinator and caterer. The odds of in coordination of events or complaints regarding tasteless and cold food are too real when your event is in the hands of an inexperienced caterer.

This year is actually getting the hang of innovation when it comes to incredible food choices. Couples have been replacing their wedding cakes with actual tiers of miniature hamburgers or petite Danish sandwiches. While we are discussing the luxuries of alternative food choices, it would be impossible to ignore this year’s impressive food trends. Planning a clambake or an old fashioned vintage hoedown? Well, read on …

Brunch Weddings


While serving omelets with bacon at your daytime wedding may seem crazy, it is no wonder as to why brunch weddings and receptions have been trending in North American states like Connecticut. With daytime weddings, you can have a whole array of options and infest exciting new flavors in your wedding in terms of décor and catering.

While white wine, mimosa or champagne remains constant at weddings, you can introduce mushroom and chicken crepes with shrimps on skewers and tons of heavenly pancakes with an array of toppings such as strawberries and tart, melted milk and dark chocolate, nuts, chocolate chips and sprinkles to choose from in the menu.

Downsize a Bit

Appetizers basically are the route towards the heart of the menu (read: main course). Usually, not much attention is paid to appetizers, but as any caterer would, we would want you to pay heed to the type of hors d’oeuvres at your event. Connecticut weddings are trending with serving shrimp cocktails, miniature lobster cakes and tons of breaded pieces of chicken spewed with sauce or coconut crumbs would be the winner, indefinitely.

Plenty of Food Stations

Food Stations
2017 is bringing the twenties back into action with the return of plenty of designated food stations in any kind of event. Usually, weddings can be seen celebrated quite elegantly with champagne towers, fountains, and cocktails. Consider chalking up on seafood bars with plenty of sushi, oysters, clams or quahogs, mussels and fried lobsters.

The Sweets

For the dessert, go for the traditional chocolate fountain and place plenty of culinary treats ranging from pastries to cupcakes or brownies. Appoint waiters to serve quaint tea sandwiches with berries or nut pies, baked potato salad or Waldorf salad and deviled or poached eggs.

While we are discussing food stations, it will be really impossible not to discuss the importance of beverage stations. From stations oozing with hot chocolate to chilled coffee and mint tea, you can also add stations for mint lemonade and quenching mimosas to meet the likes of your guests.

Food Souvenirs or Boxes

Food Souvenirs
Before your guests head to the land of the nod, had them edible food souvenirs in packets filled with your country’s specialty such as berries, nut pies and mini cakes with edible lettering. Pack some fresh farm foods such as vegetables for a fresh yet organic touch.

If you really want people to remember you as the couple that redefined goals from their wedding day, garnish these souvenir boxes and never go easy on the mimosa and cocktails. For your special ones, stock a fun food basket with plenty of champagne and red wine in order to get drunk after midnight.

Embark on the Day’s Significance

Don’t forget to have your waiters serve your guests repeatedly with squashes and juices, and ice cream sundaes or chocolate lasagnas with syrups and berries. Highlight the day by serving a special meaningful dish that not only helps you and others to remember the glory of your event, but also allows you to embark on the day’s significance with fervor.

Juices and Snacks

Sip on cocktails at the cocktail bars or while making a toast, and equip your menu with tacos, burritos or miniature hamburgers on skewers to introduce a fun vibe with plenty of relishes. Get creative and imaginative with your food choices and remember to add a few special hallmarks to the event through your menu.
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